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 LANDMARK Automotives International Societies :
In order to achieve the best level of production and quality we continuously cooperate with the following societies:

Shot Peener Society
Electronics Inc. is a pioneer in shot peening. Electronics Inc. provides shot peening and flapper peening training for operators, supervisors, quality control technicians and part-life designers.

Institute of Spring Technology
IST is the unique center of excellence for all aspects of springs and spring technology . IST offer all companies involved in the manufacture of springs , use of springs , or within the spring industry supply chain, a wide range of specialized technical services covering all aspects of research.

American Society of Metals
ASM is the world�s leading society for materials information, with 40,000 members in nearly 100 countries. Since founding in 1913, ASM International has existed to provide a means for exchanging information and professional interaction. Its role has expanded to serve the technical interests of metals and materials professionals all over the world.

Founding member of Heat Treatment Society
HTS is the premier society for heat treatment professionals - comprised from the commercial , suppliers , research , manufacturer and customer sectors. HTS serves as a central clearinghouse for heat treating information.

And Recently we have been registered in the following societies:

  • EAFU ( Egyptian Automotive Feeders Union )
  • FEDCOC ( The Federation Of Egyptian Chambers Of Commerce )
  • Chamber Of Engineering Industries

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