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LANDMARK Automotives Main Customers :
General Motors Egypt - GME
GME assembles all the ISUZU Series and OPEL Vectra to the market. We supply GME with many parts for both the Light Trucks & Passenger cars .
We have 100% share for the Torsion bars . Other products supplied to GME are strut bars, u-bolts, propeller shafts , exhaust system.
Engineering Automotive Manufacturing Co.
This company manufactures heavy trucks, lorries, buses and is a very well known company. It is represents a very big portion of the market.

We supply this company mainly with propeller shafts , front & rear axles.
Nissan Egypt

NISSAN Egypt manufacturers both the passenger cars like NISSAN Sunny and trucks like NISSAN 1 ton Pickup.

We supply them with the main suspension parts & propeller shafts.

Suzuki Egypt

Suzuki Egypt manufactures many models and is very popular in the Egyptian market. It makes both small vans & trucks like SUPER CARRY as well as passenger cars SUZUKI SWIFT - SUZUKI MARUTI .

We supply SUZUKI Egypt with the main suspension parts like strut bars , stabilizer bars , u-bolts and the exhaust system.

Mercedes Commercial Vehicles - MCV
We supply the following :
propeller shafts , suspension parts

KIA Motors Egypt
KIA is one of the leading manufacturers in Egypt. We supply KIA Motors with the stabilizer bar.
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